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Ancestors of Doug and Barb (Schroer) Beezley

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Young Nathan Beezley

For years I had good intentions of learning more about my family history. I knew my parents had some information, but I didn’t explore it in depth until after my father’s death. I only wish he was here now, to know all I have learned in the past few years.

This photo is my father, Nathaniel W. Beezley. He was born in Lincoln Nebraska in 1923 and died in Lincoln Nebraska in 1999. My father was a Civil Engineer and WWII veteran who served and was wounded in Europe at the “Battle of the Bulge”.

The family photo link to the right will take you to the Genealogy Database for the Beezley Family. This includes Doug's ancestors (Beezley, Barnard, Schellenberg and Day) and Barb's ancestors (Schroer, Deffenbaugh, Ahlemeyer and Mueller.)

The "BEEZ" link takes you to another website I manage based on a genealogical DNA project for the Surname in all its spelling variations. Through this project we have found that our Beezley family is related to a cluster of southern Beasleys who likely immigrated from England in the mid 1600's.