Our Family

Our Family Nana and Pompa Beezley (that's grandma and grandpa translated from Dianna's naming conventions) are proud to display the March 2006 look of our family. During a recent visit to Cincinnati, we gathered the family before a professional lens to fix our images in time. What a better time to come up with a newly designed website to share with family and friends.

Of course, that's Dianna Marie Hester, front and center. The rest, from left to right: Jennifer (Beezley) Hester, Reid Hester, Douglas Beezley, Barbara Beezley, Jonathan Beezley and Angela Beezley.

As much as we like this picture, it is now obsolete. On September 14, 2007 we gained a new addition. A new Beezley grandson (Hester son), Jonathan Michael, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio

Here is the Hester Family. Daddy is Reid Hester. Mommy is Jennifer Dianne (Beezley) Hester. That's right. She's the daughter of Barb and Doug. They are the fine parents of our grand children Dianna Marie age 4 and Jonathan Michael, age 1.

(Don't tell anyone, but Jonathan is our FAVORITE grandson and Dianna is our FAVORITE granddaughter.)