Doug and BarbDoug and Barb met at Lincoln High School, Lincoln, Nebraska as sophomores in the fall of 1964. At the time, it was but a passing acquaintance. In the spring of 1966, the fates started hatching the plans for the future when Doug and Barb were both chosen, respectively, for the Boys and Girls Octet.

By the autumn, Barb was admiring Doug's young tenor voice singing the Star Spangled Banner at HS football games. Doug, having recently picked up on playing the guitar, was planning for a "Joy Night" entry of a folk-singing group. With his partners, Jed and Norm, Doug recognized a female singer would be a plus if not a necessity. Doug accepted the responsibility of asking senior singer Barb Schroer to join us (Norm and Jed were sophomores, after all.)

Scheduling an introductory meeting at Barb's home, Doug hardly realized the implications of this family he met. Two sisters and a mother who looked startlingly similar to Barb greeted him at a doorway that was to become a frequent passage for the coming years. After the Joy Night performance and a couple other engagements for the quartet, Jed and Norm drifted away, leaving the Doug and Barb show... an engagement of long standing.